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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Window Tinting (Film) and Solar Screens ?

Question : What's the difference between Window Tinting (Film) and Solar Screens?
Answer : There's a huge difference between the two products. Window Tinting merely blocks the Sun's UV Rays from getting through the glass in to the interior. Yes, to prevent fading of your interior's belongings, and to cut down on the UV rays, window film / tint works well. But Window Film / Tinting only provides a fraction of the shade that a Solar Screen does. A Solar Screen not only blocks the suns rays from entering the interior through the windows, but it ALSO shades the windows themselves from getting hot. A hot heated-up window / glass will transfer the heat in to the home. Envision leaving your oven on, but the door shut, while the heat is captured within the oven, the heat still radiates through the glass and the door. The same applies to a window. The whole idea of a solar screen is to provide shade for that window so that it doesn't get hot, and so the sun's rays do not make their way through the glass in to your interior.

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