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Monday, December 27, 2010

Solar Screens for Dormer Windows, Attic Windows

Question :  Should I put solar window screens on my dormer windows, the windows that lead into my attic?  Is there a benefit to putting a solar screen on a dormer window, a window that leads into my attic?

Answer : Yes, for two reasons;

1) If the dormer window is located on the front of the house, and you are putting solar screens on all of the other windows on the front of the house (like shown in this picture), you absolutely want to screen the dormer window for a clean consistent look.  It would look odd if you put solar screens on all the windows but the dormer window.  So yes, for a consistent look you would want to screen all the windows including the dormer window.

2) Putting a solar screen on a dormer window is a huge benefit.  To keep the attic cooler, you will want to shade the sun that gets through the dormer window with a solar screen.   So much sun gets through that dormer window into the attic causing the attic to get that much hotter.  By shading the dormer window with a solar screen, you are considerably cutting down on the heat being generated by that of the direct sun.  Putting solar screens on the dormer windows of your house is a great idea!  

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sun Control Fabrics for Solar Screens (a.k.a. Solar Shade, Sun Screen, Sun Shade Fabrics)

Question : What makes up a good sun control fabric?  How many different solar shade fabrics are out there that one can make solar screens out of?  What are the differences between the different sun screen fabrics?  What sun shade fabrics are better than others?  Are there different colors of sun control fabrics? What sun screen fabrics last the longest in the direct sun?  What solar shade fabric will fade the least in the direct sun?  What solar screen fabric is the strongest, that's the most durable, that's the most pet resistant?

Answer : We are "HUGE" fans of Phifer's Suntex Sun Control fabric line.  The Suntex sun control line comes in a 70%, 80% and 90% weave.  The 70% weave currently only comes in Black.  The 80% and 90% weave are available in Black, Chocolate, Stucco, Grey and Beige as shown in this photo. 

Phifer Suntex Sun Control Fabrics

You can go to Pictures, Solar Screen Services - Austin, TX to see many houses, homes and commercial buildings that we have installed our solar screens on that display these various color options. 

The Suntex Sun Control Fabric is extremely strong and durable.  So strong, I guarantee you that you can not rip or tear it with your bare hands.  It's 'the one' line of the many sun control fabrics out there that I have personally seen over the years that lasts the longest from the harsh direct sun we endure here in Ausitn Texas during our long hot summers.  All over town here in Austin TX I get a chance to see old solar screens, old solar screens that have been installed over the previous years by our competitors, and I can say with 100% certainty that the solar window screens made out of the Suntex sun shade fabric by far holds up the best. 

Alternatively, I have to admit that the Phifer Super Solar sun control fabric is not bad, it holds up in the direct sun very well, but it is not pet and hail resistant like the Suntex line, it's an entirely different sun shade fabric, and it only comes in the 90% weave and two color options.  Simply put, the Super Solar sun screen fabric is yesterday's model.  

The Suntex sun shade fabric is so strong it is pet resistant, now that's not to say that pets can't tear it up, it is to say however that the Suntex sun shade fabric is super durable and very resistant to abuse.  The fabric is made out of yarn with a PVC coating around it. 

When you see the Suntex solar shade fabric first hand, you'll appreciate its quality.  In fact, if you live in the Austin TX area we will for free send you one of our solar screen sample kits.  From our website you can order for free our solar screen sample kit so that you can first hand see how strong the Suntex sun screen fabric actually is. 

The Suntex Sun Screen fabric was first manufactured by Phifer as a fabric to integrate into the construction of outdoor furniture.  Interestingly, we see it on the patio's of people's houses quite often.  We always get a kick out of walking up to a person's back patio seeing furniture made out of the Suntex fabric. 

I can't stress enough how SUPER strong the Suntex Sun Control fabric is. 

The key to a good sun shading fabric is that you want one that will withstand the test of time.  Anything in the direct sun will fade and wear on you, especially here in Austin Texas where the sunny hot days are long and brutal. For your solar window screens, you will want to use the best sun shade fabric that you can.  And that's the Phifer Suntex sun control fabric.

We sadly see on people's houses all of the time degraded solar screens that customers tell us are only 3 years old that just look horrible.  It's such a shame, I feel for these people.  Sadly, a shady solar screen company will bid a job based on him making the highest profit margin he can, whereby one of the things he will do to cut those corners to make that higher profit margin is to assemble his solar screens out of the cheapest lowest end fabric and framing materials that he can.  It saddens me to see this.  Consumers rely on the expertise of the professionl they have hired to do the job.  These type of unscrupulous companies do this at the end-result expense of durability and longevity.  It's sad, because often at the end of the day, the consumer won't know the difference, leaving the light to be shed on these shady companies years down the road when the customer starts to see their solar screens fade, degrade and wear. 

This is not how we operate, we only use the industries highest-end materials "period" to assemble our solar screens with.  The materials I use for your assemblies are the same I have used for myself, on my own home as shown in these two pictures.  

You can find our installed cheap solar screen pricing on our website at 
Solar Screen Pricing

By using a far superior product we will often come in under most everyone elses bids much less than our competitors do with their cheaper materials.  We are not greedy, we are smart about about are work, thus we can be extremely 'effecient' which is a savings we pass along to you. Compare our published pricing and you'll see for yourself.

We see jobs all over town that we did many years ago that look just as good today as they did back then.  That's saying a ton about our solar screens.  Actually, we refuse to build solar screens out of anything but the Suntex sun control fabric.  When we do government contract work for example that has a low installed government fixed rate, we refuse to stoop to the low practices of using inferior products to increase our profit margin.  We will always absorb the loss (difference in cost).  We all the time bite the bullet and chalk up the manufacturing cost difference to use our high-end Suntex screening.  I refuse to use an inferior product.  I know better and will not concede integrity and quality for a minimal profit. 

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Solar screens for side-by-side windows

Question :  Can a solar window screen (aka sun shade, sun screens) fit over multiple windows mulled together?  If I have what looks like one window from the inside of my home, but it's actually two windows side-by-side, will you make one solar screen to fit over both of the windows, or will it be two solar window screens, one for each window?   How about if I have a rectangular window and a 1/2 circlewindow above it, will you make one solar screen to fit over both windows, or will you make a solar screen for each window?
Answer : The simple answer is that each window takes its own solar screen.  We do not fit a single solar screen (aka sun shade, sun screen) over multiple windows. 

Here are some pictures of mulled together windows, windows that are put together that can look like one big window from the inside, but are actually multiple windows.  You will always know that they mulled together because the windows are separated by framing.  Each and every window will have framing going around it, therefore if you put two windows together it's obvious that it's more than one window. 

To learn more, please visit the question and answer that we have posted on our questions and answers page that discusses this topic.  Solar Screens for side-by-side windows

Shown in this picture are 4 windows w/ 4 solar screens,
one being a 1/2 circle window.
* Each window takes its own solar screen *

Shown in this picture are 3 windows w/ 3 solar screens.
* Each window takes its own solar screen *

A great way to see solar screens installed on the many different kind of side-by-side windows is to look at our pictures page of our installed solar window screens (a.k.a sun screens, sun shades)  Pictures, Solar Screen Services - Austin, TX 

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Transfer solar sun shades (solar window screens) from one home to another

Question :  Are solar shades for one home's windows transferrable to another?  Can I buy sun screens from you and transfer them to my new home?   My windows are standard 3050 windows, can I just by a solar screen for a 3050 window?
Answer : We custom make each of our solar screens specific to each of your windows.  Just because a window is a 3050, doesn't mean that a solar screen made for one 3050 will fit into another.  Of course if the 3050s are on the same house, and they are the exact same manufactured window, then yes, the screen will work on either of these windows.  Out there today (right now), there are tons of different manufactures that make windows, and tons of variations and renditions of each of their models.  Take that and consider that over the many-many years that windows have been manufactured that there are a cagillion different kind of 3050 windows out there.  All with different specifications and sizes.  A solar screen that we make for one window, is custom made for just that window, they are not transferrable.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our Installed Solar Screen Service Area

Question : What is your service area?  I know you service Austin Texas, but what surrounding cities to do you service?
Answer : We service the immediate area of Austin TX to include, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Hutto, Georgetown, Leander, Cedar Park, Lakeway, Bee Caves, Dripping Springs, Kyle, Buda and Manor.  If you live outside of the immediate service area of Austin, within one of these areas, contact us and we will put you in touch with someone we work with and trust that will be able to service your solar screen needs - Bastrop, Elgin, Spicewood, Lockhart, San Marcos and Wimberley.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Reviews about our Solar Window Screens

Question :  Where can I read reviews about your solar window screen services?   What do people say about solar screens?   Do people share their opinions about solar screens, and if so, where do they post them?  How do others in the Austin TX area that have had solar window screens installed by you rate their experiences?   Do solar screens work, do they really provide shade from the sun for my windows, where can I find other's experiences?
Answer : It's always nice to read reviews from customers.  Customers often shed light on many topics of interest that one naturally wouldn't think of.  We have compiled pages and pages of video reviews, emails and hand written letters to us (100s of them) that all talk about our performance as a solar screen vendor and about the experiences of having solar screens.

Click on these links to see 100s of Reviews from our Solar Screen Services Customers
Customer Feedback (Pg1), Solar Screen Services - Austin, TX
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Can you Shade a sliding door from the Sun ?

Question : Can you build a solar screen sliding door?  A lot of sun comes through my sliding door, can you shade it from the Sun?   How about the side of the door that doesn't open, can you shade it as well?
Answer : Yes, we can custom build a very strong steel sliding door for you rolled with our 80% or 90% solar screen fabric.  Addtionally, we can also build a pocket door for you that doesn't move, to cover the side of your door that does not open. 

For our installed pricing and to learn more, please visit the question and answer that we have posted on our questions and answers page that discusses this topic. 
Solar Screen for a Sliding Door

For more Questions and Answers about our Austin TX Solar Window Screen Services
Please visit this page  Questions & Answers, Solar Screen Services - Austin, TX

Looking out a Sliding Solar Screen Door and a Solar Screen Pocket that the
Sliding Door slides behind.  The Sliding door is partially open in this picture.  
In this picture we were standing inside the customer's room looking out.  

This is the 90% Solar Screen Fabric, it is the densist fabric made.
Look at how well you can see through this 90% dense fabric.

In this picture the Sliding Solar Screen Door is closed. 

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Solar Screens for Arched Windows, Half Circles

Question : Can a solar screen be made to fit on a window that is not rectangular? 
Answer : Yes, we can build a solar screen for any shape of window.  Most commonly there are the arched windows, half arched widnows and half circle windows.  We can build a solar screen to fit on any of these kind of windows.  Here are some pictures that illustrate some of our installations on non-rectangular windows.

This picture has a lot going on.  First it shows a 1/2 circle solar window screen, a regular rectangular solar screen underneath it, two 1/2 arched solar window screens on both sides of the rectangular solar screen, and two rectangular solar window screens on the double patio french doors.  All of these screens are mounted on to non-opening windows, therefore they are all screwed on to the framing of that window.  To left of each of the patio doors are opening windows that accommodate full size screens that allow for a pop-in solar screen installation.  Solar screens installed in to windows like this are held into place by a lip at the top and a lip at the bottom of the window.  Tension springs are installed at the top of the scolar screen to provide tension to help hold the screens in place.  To learn more about this topic
please visit our website where we discuss pop-in solar screen installations.

These are two 1/2 arched solar window screens.

This is a 1/2 circle solar screen mounted above two rectangular solar window screens.  The 1/2 circle solar window screen is screwed on to the framing of the window as the 1/2 circle window is a fixed window and the two rectangular solar screens are held / fitted in to place by a track at the top and bottom of each window.  These kind of windows were designed to occomodate full size screens.  Tension springs are installed at the top of each screen for tension support.

For 100s of more pictures, please see our page

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Sun Shades or Solar Screens

Question : Are Sun Shades the same as solar screens?  Do Sun Shades work the same as a solar screens?
Answer : Yes, sun shades for windows is another name used in place of solar window screens.   A Window Sun Shade is the same as a Solar Window Screen.

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Mounting / Installation of Solar Window Screens

Question : How do Solar Window Screens fit on to my windows? Can I easily take the solar screens off when I want to?
Answer : We have dedicated a page of videos to answer this exact question.
Please visit our "Videos of How We Install" page to see video illustrations of how we install our Solar Screens on , houses, homes, commercial, businesses, buildings in the Austin TX area.

Note : Windows of homes in Austin Texas are a bit different than those of other areas around the country.

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