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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Transfer solar sun shades (solar window screens) from one home to another

Question :  Are solar shades for one home's windows transferrable to another?  Can I buy sun screens from you and transfer them to my new home?   My windows are standard 3050 windows, can I just by a solar screen for a 3050 window?
Answer : We custom make each of our solar screens specific to each of your windows.  Just because a window is a 3050, doesn't mean that a solar screen made for one 3050 will fit into another.  Of course if the 3050s are on the same house, and they are the exact same manufactured window, then yes, the screen will work on either of these windows.  Out there today (right now), there are tons of different manufactures that make windows, and tons of variations and renditions of each of their models.  Take that and consider that over the many-many years that windows have been manufactured that there are a cagillion different kind of 3050 windows out there.  All with different specifications and sizes.  A solar screen that we make for one window, is custom made for just that window, they are not transferrable.

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