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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Can you Shade a sliding door from the Sun ?

Question : Can you build a solar screen sliding door?  A lot of sun comes through my sliding door, can you shade it from the Sun?   How about the side of the door that doesn't open, can you shade it as well?
Answer : Yes, we can custom build a very strong steel sliding door for you rolled with our 80% or 90% solar screen fabric.  Addtionally, we can also build a pocket door for you that doesn't move, to cover the side of your door that does not open. 

For our installed pricing and to learn more, please visit the question and answer that we have posted on our questions and answers page that discusses this topic. 
Solar Screen for a Sliding Door

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Looking out a Sliding Solar Screen Door and a Solar Screen Pocket that the
Sliding Door slides behind.  The Sliding door is partially open in this picture.  
In this picture we were standing inside the customer's room looking out.  

This is the 90% Solar Screen Fabric, it is the densist fabric made.
Look at how well you can see through this 90% dense fabric.

In this picture the Sliding Solar Screen Door is closed. 

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