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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Solar Screens for Arched Windows, Half Circles

Question : Can a solar screen be made to fit on a window that is not rectangular? 
Answer : Yes, we can build a solar screen for any shape of window.  Most commonly there are the arched windows, half arched widnows and half circle windows.  We can build a solar screen to fit on any of these kind of windows.  Here are some pictures that illustrate some of our installations on non-rectangular windows.

This picture has a lot going on.  First it shows a 1/2 circle solar window screen, a regular rectangular solar screen underneath it, two 1/2 arched solar window screens on both sides of the rectangular solar screen, and two rectangular solar window screens on the double patio french doors.  All of these screens are mounted on to non-opening windows, therefore they are all screwed on to the framing of that window.  To left of each of the patio doors are opening windows that accommodate full size screens that allow for a pop-in solar screen installation.  Solar screens installed in to windows like this are held into place by a lip at the top and a lip at the bottom of the window.  Tension springs are installed at the top of the scolar screen to provide tension to help hold the screens in place.  To learn more about this topic
please visit our website where we discuss pop-in solar screen installations.

These are two 1/2 arched solar window screens.

This is a 1/2 circle solar screen mounted above two rectangular solar window screens.  The 1/2 circle solar window screen is screwed on to the framing of the window as the 1/2 circle window is a fixed window and the two rectangular solar screens are held / fitted in to place by a track at the top and bottom of each window.  These kind of windows were designed to occomodate full size screens.  Tension springs are installed at the top of each screen for tension support.

For 100s of more pictures, please see our page

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