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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Solar screens for side-by-side windows

Question :  Can a solar window screen (aka sun shade, sun screens) fit over multiple windows mulled together?  If I have what looks like one window from the inside of my home, but it's actually two windows side-by-side, will you make one solar screen to fit over both of the windows, or will it be two solar window screens, one for each window?   How about if I have a rectangular window and a 1/2 circlewindow above it, will you make one solar screen to fit over both windows, or will you make a solar screen for each window?
Answer : The simple answer is that each window takes its own solar screen.  We do not fit a single solar screen (aka sun shade, sun screen) over multiple windows. 

Here are some pictures of mulled together windows, windows that are put together that can look like one big window from the inside, but are actually multiple windows.  You will always know that they mulled together because the windows are separated by framing.  Each and every window will have framing going around it, therefore if you put two windows together it's obvious that it's more than one window. 

To learn more, please visit the question and answer that we have posted on our questions and answers page that discusses this topic.  Solar Screens for side-by-side windows

Shown in this picture are 4 windows w/ 4 solar screens,
one being a 1/2 circle window.
* Each window takes its own solar screen *

Shown in this picture are 3 windows w/ 3 solar screens.
* Each window takes its own solar screen *

A great way to see solar screens installed on the many different kind of side-by-side windows is to look at our pictures page of our installed solar window screens (a.k.a sun screens, sun shades)  Pictures, Solar Screen Services - Austin, TX 

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