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Monday, December 27, 2010

Solar Screens for Dormer Windows, Attic Windows

Question :  Should I put solar window screens on my dormer windows, the windows that lead into my attic?  Is there a benefit to putting a solar screen on a dormer window, a window that leads into my attic?

Answer : Yes, for two reasons;

1) If the dormer window is located on the front of the house, and you are putting solar screens on all of the other windows on the front of the house (like shown in this picture), you absolutely want to screen the dormer window for a clean consistent look.  It would look odd if you put solar screens on all the windows but the dormer window.  So yes, for a consistent look you would want to screen all the windows including the dormer window.

2) Putting a solar screen on a dormer window is a huge benefit.  To keep the attic cooler, you will want to shade the sun that gets through the dormer window with a solar screen.   So much sun gets through that dormer window into the attic causing the attic to get that much hotter.  By shading the dormer window with a solar screen, you are considerably cutting down on the heat being generated by that of the direct sun.  Putting solar screens on the dormer windows of your house is a great idea!  

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