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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Multiple colors of Solar Window Screens on a home?

Question :  Can I mix and match a solar screen order from you using different colors?  For Example, Can I order Stucco solar screens for the front of my home and the Chocolate solar screens for the rest of the windows of my home? Will this impact my price, will this still be one order thus will I still receive your quantity discount?  How will it look to mix and match different colors of solar screens on my house?  How about mixing frame colors?  Some of my windows would look better using the brown frame while some would look best using the white frame. Can I order solar screens from you for my home's windows with a mix and match of frame colors?

Answer :  Your pricing will not be impacted if you mix fabric and/or frame colors on the same order.  if you have 500" of Stucco and 500" of Chocolate, it's a total of 1000".  Our Quantity Discounted Installed Solar Screen Pricing is based on location.   As long as it's all for the same house / commercial building (the same location), then it's considered one order.

Austin TX Installed Solar Screen Pricing

Having different colors of solar screen fabrics on one house in our opinion does not look good.  We suggest that you use one color of the solar screen fabric for your entire house.  Now, we have installed the solar screens on a person's house whereby they have had a separate utility shed or swimming pool cabana. whereby then you could absolutely get away with using two different colors of fabric.  We just did an install last week as matter of fact that had a swimming pool cabana next to it that we put a different color of fabric on than what they had on the house. 

Different colors of the framing - no problem.  No problem mixing frame colors.  You can absolutely use different frame colors on the different windows of the house / commercial building.  For example around the glass of a swing out patio door.  If you are using the chocolate fabric color, you may want to use the brown frame (depending on the look you are going for).  For instance I am now building screens for a customer that has white framed windows whereby I am using white framing for the solar screens, but she has two side light windows that are wooden framed, and the wood is painted a champagne color.  So, we will frame the two screens for those Windows using our champagne framing.  If we did white framing, the white would stand out against the champagne painted wood.

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Michael said...

The overall color of screen,its composition and type of set-off determines the price of Solar shades.